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    The English text below is a machine-translation of the Swedish original text above
sul : d :skuta i þata hiu »Salse made the sun, D (ag) struck this mountainous hill» and by a sword is engraved shortly above the two inscribed lines and a piece over the hole there, surrounded by 9 lines in a beamshape, three and three distinct points of, which hole is certainly the sun in the inscription above. What the sword and the sun's view is, is not known, probably their meaning is religious or magical. Rune d is the old nordic rune known as Dag, which also was a personal name, which has thus become; carver must therefore have known the old nordic rune names, perhaps from the Anglo-Saxon runic alphabet, in which both rune and the name existed. The following word is the name of an imminent, forward-sloping hill, covered, as in Are-skutan, Anje-skutan.

Picture 8. Tjängvide, Gotland,

An inscription of short-twig runes worn on Gotland by picture stone, on the Tjängvide. The front adorned with several figures in low relief, the upper and lower fields, separated by a wickerwork. On the upper field is represented a large eight-footed horse with a small rider, as a woman bid a welcomebeaker, and a few other human figures, a beast and a few blurred images. It has been suggested that it is Odin as a rider on his eight-legged horse Sleipner, and in woman a Valkyrie, or Sigurd Favnesbane, welcomed by Gudrun's mother Grimhild upon arrival at the gju-kings court, and rode on the horse Grane, who was descended from Sleipnir. Perhaps it is symbolized only the horse's speed by eight feet and is the rider of the deceased, who is welcomed into hell of a Valkyrie, or in the home life of his wife. Male figure behind the woman seems to carry a bow and is perhaps the deceased hunting and the four-legged animal behind the woman is his dog. Inscription on the left from the bottom up is the runic alphabet of which only runes f u þ o r k h n  are intact. Stone bottom box is taken up entirely by a dragon boats with high-rising stem and stern, and a sail almost as

Picture 9. Bjälbo, Östergötland

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