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    The English text below is a machine-translation of the Swedish original text above
that two booty twelve times were taken at once from different men. Say it further, who for nine people ages ago came to life among reidgoterna (ie Ostrogoths), and also died, among them for their ease of sake: 
Was Tjodrek,
the valiant hero,
warrior ruler,
on the banks of the Reid Sea;
is now equipped on their horses,
coat with belt fastened,
Prince of Märingar. 
Tell that to the twelfth, was Gunn's horse (horse = Valkyrie wolf) see whether the food on the ground, so that two dozen kings lie then. Tell that to the thirteenth, which two dozen kings sat on Zealand in four winters with four names, four brothers born to: Valks five (five with the name Valk), Radulvs sons, Reidulvar five, Rogulvs sons, Haislar five, Haruds sons, Gunnmundar five, Bärns sons. May I now complete the memories and say what [clan he belonged?], I have researched for. Tell the people the memory, to which the warrior he was born as a descendant. Vilen is it. For the first one and then another (according to various opinion) he is a giant (? ) . Vilen is it. Tell the people the memory, for which the Ingold-descendants retaliation was through his wife's sacrifice. Tell the people's memory: Torun (wife's name). Bjäre on the island (Visingsö) is the rune-knowing.»
Rök-inscription is different, although from other inscriptions by its length and its arcane content, but contains only that which even otherwise tend to occur in the Runestones

though tacit. The beginning indicated that Varen established memory scripture for his son Vämod. Instead of directly to Vämod appointed the achievement, giving him fame, that at one time have struggled with two enemies and condemned them, were given an invitation to the reader to undergo twelve known cases of the same feat, and two stories reported that contain: the story of Tjodrek and on the twenty kings. Tjodrek is certainly Theodric, who was king of the Ostrogoths in Italy, the years 471-526, and a renowned hero of the Germanic peoples, the ancient verse in "fornyrdislag", in which his name appears, is perhaps the equestrian statue in Aachen by Theodric, as 801 of Charlemagne was moved from Theodric capital Ravenna to Aachen. The story of the twenty kings are, however, quite unknown. In Vaemod successful battle with two opponents is the first case of battle against two opponents at once, it is natural that Tjodreks in the legend known as the second battle; about twenty kings fell two and two against an opponent, their story contains ten cases, when a hero felled two enemies at once, and together Vaemod and Tjodreks feats are twelve cases of this great deeds thus carried past. The explanation of this apparent leap from 2 to 12 struggles is one of the inscription greatest difficulties and has been applied in several ways. The list of the twenty kings known as the thirteenth, and then follow explanation of Vämod most prominent ancestors on the father and his mother, and finally an indication of rune carver.
Remarkable is also the short-twig carving on a rock in the garden at Ingelstad, Ö. Eneby sn, Östergötland, and by its wording:   s a l s i :  k a r þ i

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