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Picture 6. Rök, the back of the stone.

are many of them, not at all or only partially able to understand. A shift, as has been possible to suggest, would be the rune-group 
siuta               sirin 
1 10 2 9 3      8 4 6 7 5
at the stone at Skalmstad, Skånella sn, Uppland, whose carving is also scheduled, where, if the runes are converted, as the figures show, gives information about the carver, "suain rist" - Sven carved. With one exception, therefore, obtained the first word, by going ahead and skipping every second rune, and second, by just going backwards. Then follows a few lines of old nordic runes, in part, dissenting in the form, and also in the interpretation of the old nordic inscriptions, for example. with the old nordic runes sagwm for short-twig runes sakum, goanaR for short-twig runes kuonaR. Since a long time have elapsed since the old nordic runes ceased to use, these could only be an  

Picture 7. Rök, left edge of the stone.

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