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    The English text below is a machine-translation of the Swedish original text above

hunt down these wild animal or that the pictures has been produced in an artistic pleasure. The information which is given through these pictures, are therefore not satisfactory. Through continued development, a run-up to script can of such pictures arise. On appropriate script surfaces, did the Americas Indians inscribed symbolic picture signs, denotes through arrow and arc in crosses, that war has been break out. In picture script, did the Mexicans and other American ethnic, inscripted holy texts, historical statements etc. and the pictures are often accompanied of signs with certain sound values. Such an origin has also the Egyptian hieroglyphs, which from the start was clean picture script, but after hand developed terms for sounds letters and syllables, whose character were determined by some side signs.
Our country's equivalence to these announcing through picture is the so called rock carvings. (1) Pictures and signs that during the antiquity were cut with a sharp instrument, or on other ways inscribed in sloping or horizontal rocks. They occur most numerously in Bohuslän, Skåne and Östergötland, but also in Blekinge, Västergötland, Dalsland, Värmland, Uppland, Jämtland and Ångermanland. The north Skandinavian group is distinguished by a kind of faithful animal pictures, the south Skandinavian and specialy them from Bohuslän

(1) T. Arne, Nord. Fam. bok 12, sp. 96; 
O. Almgren, Bidr. till kännedom om Göteborgs och Bohusläns fornm. och hist. 1912, 473 et seq.

Picture 1. Tegneby, Bohuslän.

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